Wooden Pickaxe

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Súbor:Wooden Pickaxe 2018 0.png
The Wooden Pickaxe in CL:IS 2018, v1.5.

The Wooden Pickaxe is a Pickaxe in Cube Life: Island Survival.

Technical[upraviť | upraviť zdroj]

  • The Wooden Pickaxe deals 2 damage to mobs.
  • The Wooden Pickaxe deals 2.5 damage to Stone.
  • The Wooden Pickaxe is good for a currently unknown amount of hits.
  • The Wooden Pickaxe is crafted with three Planks and two Sticks.
Súbor:Wooden Pickaxe GIF.gif
Crafting the Wooden Pickaxe

Strategy[upraviť | upraviť zdroj]

  • Use the Wooden Pickaxe to obtain Stone Blocks, and then make better Stone Tools.

History[upraviť | upraviť zdroj]

The Wooden Pickaxe was added to Cube Life: Island Survival version 1.0. It returned in version 1.5 of Cube Life: Island Survival 2018. In this version, it's sprite (along with all other Pickaxe sprites) had been changed slightly. Version 1.6 increased the Wooden Pickaxe's durability from 80 hits to a currently unknown amount of hits.